Hey, I'm Heather!

Me: 29 | enneagram four | middle child | I appreciate beauty in nature and aesthetics | best friend is my hubby | six kiddos | honest and in tune with my emotions | throw myself under the bus for a good laugh | avid music listener | local coffee shop frequenter | k-dramas for days | chuck taylor shoes | let's hang out

You & Me: I'm here for you | I'll be your advocate | let's explore someplace new | be who you are and I'll come alongside to capture it | I'll give you cues and prompts, not stiff poses during our sessions | you'll hear a lot of "sooo pretty" or "you guys are the cutest" from me during our shoot | my goal is to evoke genuine emotions in you that I capture and turn into permanent moments in time

Let's chat about photos at your favorite coffee shop!